Thursday, December 4


let me hold the monopoly on your memories
because I'm selfish like that
give me
the good times
the bad times
the ones filled with laughter
those sentiments you captured
in pictures to be kept long after
the events have come to past
and when it gets tough
I want you to remember
how looking into my eyes
made you realize things would be alright
no matter what it seemed like, on the outside,
I want to be submerged and smuggled,
hidden in photos and dreams
and sections in between,
scents that linger
and song that trigger
memories .....because I'm selfish like that

let me hold the monopoly on your fantasies
because I'm selfish like that
I want
the kinky times
the freaky times
the ones with all things mushy
and romantically incline
that could make even the toughest
woman made out of hot molten rock erupt
and melt into warm lava
while she slips away inside your arms
until the morning sunlight comes.
give me those afternoon thoughts when
we've been apart for way too long,
and those pre-planned four play plots
from nights as you drive,
impatient and excited for the arrival home
just to act out everything
you mapped out
that you would do
to get me to that level of love supreme
just as you pictured
would happen inside your
fantasies ....because I'm selfish like that.

and in return I'd give you
the key to my soul
the book to my laughter
the movie about my heart
and the map
to show you the way back
to my eyes
just in case you forget the way
I've saved my touch
for you to come and stake and claim
selfishly keeping just so you can
treat my body, mind and soul as
your very own monopoly
as I sometimes tend to become
slightly selfish when making major decision
that happen to be just so important like that.



The Pretty Brown Girl said...

Oh Januari! I love this...the metaphors are speakin' to me Sis!

brwn_eyes_brwngirl said...

Thanks Cashawn...I've been feeling slighty selfish these days....but I don't think the person minds...glad it speaks to you.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

u write well sister keep it up - next should be a book for u

brwn_eyes_brwngirl said...

Thanks ...I know I should work on a book ...I have enough...but I'm going for the Emily Dickenson never been publish to death goal...j/k ... I'm working on not being lazy and doing the book thing soon.

Key said...

i just want to say i loved that poem. And i would love to read this book once its published!