Sunday, March 4

untitled #303


In the Deep Concave Lenses
of your Eyes,
I search to find the Root
of this Blessing
to share your Essence.
Where I can see Africa in your Blood,
Brazil in you Smile,
Jamaica in your Hair,
Cuba in your Fight,
Suppleness in your Hips
Groove as if Swinging
to a Haitian Voodu Chant.
And if Ogu lives inside
as the Reason,
I must be ready to learn the
Possession of Ezili.
Cause I'm willing to devote
my Time into Studying you
Making Sacrifices of Heart,
and Searching
for a Soulution.
A Purpose to
Oppose Oppressed Feelings,
Subconcious Santeria Songs,
Create Melodies of Lullabies,
Food for my mind's Movement.
Stripping me of this
Continent's Synthetic Life
and all its Shallowness.
I want to stay Pure,
to Preserve the Gifts Received.
Grace to Beauty given to me.
More than just a Revolutionary Spur
of the Moment Thrill.
I can't Wash my Skin of your Color,
this Earthly Brown Hue,
I can't seem to Wash my Soul Either,
of this Naturalness.

januari harris - copywrite 2002


(I wrote this when I was like 18...I don't think I ever shared it anywhere....)

Soul Children

Millions of little black children
baked in a pie
shackled feet, some broken bones
they still gonna fly.

Hold down the seeds, the peers, grandchildren
they are not a part of this cruel world
that they live in.
constantly they strive to stay alive,
no matter what happens
they still gonna fly.

Above the high rises and the barbwired
fences, hiding in the trenches,
emenies attack from all sides, but
they still gonna fly.

Dodging the drugs and the thugs,
gotta escape this world of hate
to break into the sky of love.
Destiny waiting behind gray clouds
If they make it thru this world they'll
make mother earth proud.
Waking up daily to live
instead of die, some way
they still gonna fly.

Little black children of future and past,
build memories that last.
revolutions to change the earth,
style brought forth at birth.
making statements
when things get hard
refusing to cry,
fly soul children
be beautiful, strong and fly.

januari harris - copywrite 2000