Saturday, November 4

untitled poem number 1

So recently I had an old love with whom I had a lot of feelings for suddenly in my life appear again...well we never had any bad feelings or anything but "3 second high speed - space/time" travel haven't become affordable yet for the common man so we drifted apart..but regardless even though now I can talk to him and not feel mixed emotions from the past when I would try to hold onto something I wanted to happen so bad while knowing it had already gone away.....I find myself writing poems....


Let me be your irregular lover,
as the urge to be yours
forever more got us
caught up in a deep mix,
we'll initiate the need to imitate
jumbled wave patterns more abnormal than
stilt-less houses in the Amazon.
And when we light fires of lust
between friction of moist bodies.
I want you to watch me
attempt to become your skin
treat myself like your second
set of limbs.
And you should wait patiently as
I figure out calculations
attempting to reveal hidden
solutions to your soul.
As I wait for you to indulge to me
all the unimportant things you forgot
to tell the others.
I want to awake from death
reincarnated as your birthmark
or perhaps the mole below
your left shoulder,
while obsession towards you
got me memorizing each
fingerprinted pattern.
I need you to calm my intrusive
invasions with stories where
you've implement me in your
past memories.
As I wait for you to indulge to me
all the important things you forgot
to tell the others.
I don't want to be that quick hit drug
but instead an altertative to your fix
Let me be the book that holds your history.
til the end of time,
til others find us kissing
behind moss, between pictures
upon stones, as we sneak around
dark caves secretly.