Monday, September 25

old poetry

The Yin, The Yang, & everything in between

Eternity seems impossible to reach,
dreamed the imperfect speech,
a loop hole in how to say
I love you
without giving any fear of the knowing,
my skin glowing,
tells the tale of a farewell heart
re-birth for new beginnings
inside strong arms.
inner voices speaks of
some soul to keep,
the yin of everything
pulls the force a little more deep.
good reinforcement, conditioned thru sleep,
Pavlov’s laws
greets positive ness
in the sound of breath
closed eyes, unseen is
the yang in between
we must come softly fused
puzzled pieces fitted with ease.
plan b put into action,
we move on to step two.
and I wonder if its noticed
how I hold air in for a sec.
listen quietly to catch
the rhythm of breathing patterns.
begin to initiate the process of science
remembering the rules,
for every action is a opposite re-action.
so I exhale when you inhale
I inhale, you exhale
our hands must lock,
body fits snug,
you wrap perfect around hips
better than cushion imprints,
left cold inside favorite chairs.
sitting entwined, co-dependant
as stick shifts
break and clutch
each touch, we gear up another speed,
shifts into
the perfect union of two.
So I exhale yin when you inhale yang
I inhale yang, you exhale yin
practices of balance
makes the possible reality
& everything in between.


Love like Foreign Lands

We are Castaways
on an island made for two.
With time the customs become familiar.
Your body I study like a map.
There is a lake under your right eye,
mountains near your ear.
We must be lost living in or near the rainforest
at the base of your neck.
(my favorite place to rest.)
We've journeyed here months ago,
since wandering around searching for oasis
in the desert at your lower back.
Who knew that we'd find peace near your chest.
I've become pretty acquainted with this land of yours,
the rich brown finely texture soil, I could travel
with my eyes closed at night
and still find my way home.
Now I've learn to love this place,
Even if the area and the language of the natives is new.
Maybe within years I can obtain citizenship.
Our childeren will be born. We'll be side by side.
wanting and sitting.
Like how the tree and stone sit together.
waiting to do to each other
what the stone does for the tree
and the tree for the stone.