Monday, August 13

Love like Foreign Lands IV

Love like Foreign Land IV

It becomes amazing to me
how quickly I'm aware of your presence
way before the first kick,
or before cold gels and fuzzy screens
inside of a doctor's office.
My newly developed keen sense of smell,
as you make me feel life
and the world in high definition.
This is your way of sending me hidden signals.
It lets me know how forever we will bond.
I'll watch you carefully over the next year
growing through me.
Lying in bed wondering what stage you're in
at the moment you cross my mind.
Conditioning you with the finer things
through layers of skin and headphones,
I imagine you hear the muffle sounds
of the music that I play
or how I read you bedtime stories out loud.
You've never seen us
but you've manage to learn our voices.
Leaving tiny handprints in my stomach
from the inside looking out each time
you feel that he is near.
It's like you're aware that you are
just as much his as you are mines.
I wonder what you're doing in there,
maybe drawing pictures in my womb
leaving a story of the beginning
of your history for a future sibling.
I rub you and breathe in real deep,
send my voice and words through whispers
into my stomach instead of out in the hollow air.
I will tell you to take my eyes,
and if you have a choice to choose my lips,
and remember to take my lover's mahogany skin.
I tell you to have his personality
because that is what attracted me to him,
the man you'll soon call father.
I know you'll be a reflection of us,
regardless of who's genes you're blessed with,
as you'll be the perfect blend of two,
evidence that together in union we once existed.
Creating our greatest art piece, between us ever made



Gemini Girl aka GG said...

k I found you again..and Wow the beauty of a newborn..the most precious gift!!! you describe it so vividly..I know the feeling...I'm adding you to my blogroll I hope you don't mind!

Mae B. said...

That was beautiful, I again with gemini girl aka gg can I add you to my blogroll too!