Sunday, August 12

Love like Foreign Lands III

Love like Foreign Lands III

Always observing carefully
like an inspector, he checks and probes
with delicate intensity
as he traces with eyes
the curve and winding slopes of my form,
squeezing my arm and then my thigh.
I watch him take in the softness of my skin.
Before he rest his head upon my chest.
To him I'm rich and priceless as
ancient artifacts he just uncovered.
wide-eyed he becomes at a notice of my breast,
revealing them from their support
as if this discovering changes everything
in his studies before now.
taking use of all five senses.
touches my belly with eyes close,
begins to read my wants and yearnings like Braille.
presses his ear and breaths quietly,
listens to my lungs fill with rapid air.
he hears how I'm anxious from his presence.
smelling the dried faint scent lingering
on my navel from an early morning shower
now mixed with the aroma of sweat.
so he excites his palate
his mouth moves between each breast,
engulfs and hides each nipple it chooses,
tasting as a rhythmical art form.
tongue loops around the left, right,
right, and back to the left again.
he then eyes each mole like mapping out the
stars in the night sky,
like his guide to find his way back home
after long journeys through my bones and soul.
kisses the first mole at the top
where my forehead and my hairline meet,
kisses the one between my lips and nose,
moves to the one on my right cheek.
finds the one between my breast
(he will kiss there twice)
lifts each arm and leg to search carefully,
applying kisses to each spot, even the
ones that tend to hide, licks lips as he starts to
target the one near the top of my inner thigh.
He's thorough, uncovering down to the tip of my toes.
patiently doing his job, undisturbed in his
method of double spotting each point.
Tomorrow he repeat his routine, and I will let him,
as he makes sure to map each mole again.
comparing his findings with past research,
As he can never be to careful in his expeditions
of documenting my moles in his memories
just in case he just might discover
if a new one appears or an old one disappears.


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Thic Flair said...

I dont know what words other than awesome or amazing I can use to even talk about your writing.