Friday, June 6

(untitled - this isn't a marathon)

(untitled - this isn't a marathon)

it always feels better
when I'm doing it alone
set out to conquer life
as a one woman sprinter
while in my soul, I can never
run fast enough or
jump high enough
to make it over
that one single hurdle,
that always appears
out of thin air.
and sometimes I start to feel
if I can just do it in peace
then I can make it.
As they always seem to slow me down,
while for him
even though I want to lessen the pace
I don't want to lose the speed
I've already acquire
as he shows no signs of keeping up
anytime soon.
And to them it always seems like a
good ideal, to watch my burst of energy
fly by so quickly...
until they realize it doesn't change
so they start to ease up and
the attention span of keeping up
starts to wane and disappear.
so when I look up, they are gone
out of thin air.
even he, one day will evaporate
so I keep praying while fearing
of when that time comes
and I'll decide to look back
cause I know, there will be nothing there
but just the thin air.

januari 06/2008

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Key said...

i dig the analogy... (i ran hurdles in college) I like where you're coming from, I've been trying to write some stuff like that myself lately.