Thursday, February 16

for J. Dilla

The Perfect Beat

that's what masterminds do,

get caught up with addictions
to creating masterpieces.

and soon find themselves falling
in love with something beautiful.
in search of a balance between
the pure raw, and the harmony.
rhythms classicals enough to
outlast the lifetimes.

so it's no suprises that constantly
I seem to find myself in loops.
re-surfaced deja vu's,
while listening to a hot piece.

as that's what genius's crave,

the type of work that becomes
the scores people grow their lives to.
soundtracks produce fresh
with the smell of everyday grind,
sound so remarkable they
evolve into lifelines.

songs fossilized into my mind
strong enough to stir up memories
as I choose to play them
continous on repeat.

eternity comes forever through
the spirit of the melodies
as with the play of
each hook, riff, and loop
caught up in positive harmony

we listen closely as
you soul shines,
hoping to catch a feeling of
your sunshine,
grabbing handfuls of your memory
as it slip through the
reflection of each flawless piece

I alway catch myself wondering,
"damn, who perfected the beat?"

to Dilla with luv.)

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